2018 Summer Wedding Trends to Watch Out For

Nothing screams summer wedding more than beautiful, bold colors and whimsical, floral vibes at a gorgeous outdoor venue. Though we are deep into the season of Winter Wonderland-themed weddings, our sights are set on the June, July and August nuptials that will be here before we know it. Here are our top trends to watch out for when putting the finishing touches on your upcoming wedding:


Fashion Trends

2018 is all about the over-sized embellishments adorning the dresses of both brides and their maids. Guests will marvel over the large bows accenting the back of gowns while 3D florals will be used on dresses and jewelry alike.

For the brides that lean towards a more subtle sophistication, they'll be pleased to know that high necklines, simple silk dresses and the flirty look of flutter cap sleeves are also making the rounds this year.

While we suspect that the makeup will stay natural overall, we foresee a major splash of Berry painted across the lips. And don't expect traditional accessories either. Instead, it looks like wicker purses, gloves and asymmetrical earrings to continue with the much adored bohemian themes.

Reception Trends

Who doesn't love a great brunch? While it's all the rage in trendy cities across the country, the next wedding you attend just may cut into that beloved timeframe. "Brunch Styled Receptions" have couples embracing the hours of noon - 3 p.m., opting for festive and funky over formal. Not quite getting the picture? Picture copper chairs and flatware, geometric shapes and marble stone inspirations.

Food + Beverage Trends

It's all about the unique, bite-sized options at weddings now: mini fruit salads served in the original fruit peels, DIY S'Mores by the fire, and of course, everyone needs a snow cone—which is perfect for a summer wedding. In short, traditional is out and on-the-go fun is in!

Cake Trends

Finally, let's eat cake! It's obvious that the "Naked Cake" has staying power, coming in hot from 2017 and maintaining its hold on non-traditional brides and grooms. Other cakes perfect for a summer wedding are: Ombre Cakes, Metallic Icing + Gold Foil and the incredible addition of shiny "Mirror Glaze Cakes."

No matter the direction you decide to go in 2018, summer lends itself to a myriad of options for couples of all different tastes and preferences. With beautiful weather throughout most of the months and the exciting, festive trends above, there's no doubt that your wedding will be a warm, summer's night showstopper.